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The biggest curved LED display in North America
Date:August 21st, 2017    Written by:Rick    

Recently a massive curved LED display was installed in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in North America. The screen dimension is 328 meters long and 18 meters high. It is the biggest curved LED display in North America.  It allows the audience to see the content of the screen from any angle.


It seems  there is big demands of curved LED display in the market. Comparing with the regular straight LED display, which things we need to take care of when we do the curved LED display?


First, plastic mask. Poor quality plastic mask will cause bad viewing angle as the plastic might pop-up or the surface of mask is not even enough. As curved LED display demands large viewing angle, so the quality of the plastic mask must be good.


Second, high quality SMD LED. High quality SMD LED will allow the LED display to have larger viewing angle. So it is necessary.


Third, big diameter of the curve. If the diameter of the curve is too small, there will be big gaps between the modules when it is  a convex curve. Normally  the diameter of the curve should be more than 2 meters so that the screen will look seamless.


Premteco supplies high quality curved LED display as well. Our curved LED display could be used for adverting screen. And we also have curved LED display for event rental screen.

curved LED display

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